The Recipe For A Happy Family

All families are different and all families have their own issues, but with the right amount of work and determination we can make our family life the best it can be, by developing relationships and learning more about our self and our relatives. No one’s family life is perfect; but there are some ways that can make the good happy family.

1. Eat together, fun together.
2. Respect each other.
3. Be honest.
4. Feel free to communicate with each and every person in family.
5. Try to compromise whenever and wherever it’s possible
6. Give occasional gifts to our family members.
7. Be the cool parents.
8. Be frank with kids.
9. Realize that life is not always going to go smoothly.
10. Make time for siblings
11. Eat, play, love with them.
12. Be the cool parents.

“The family is the centre of the life and it is the key to the external happiness.”

By – HOD – Mrs. Swati Sharma
Department of MLT
Magazine (YouthRainBow)- Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital
Uttaranchal College of Education
College Of Nursing UCBMSH

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