Development Of Ecoturism In Uttarakhand Hiils

Development Of Ecoturism In Uttarakhand Hiils

Ecotourism flourished as a worldwide phenomenon in India, as in rest of the World. The term “Eco-tourism” was first coined by Hector CeballosLascurian in 1983 and was generally describe the nature- based tourism in undisturbed area with an emphasis on education. It is the harmonious co-existence of tourism and ecological principles without destroying the ecological balance with encouraging eco-development through mass-education and people’s participation. Uttarakhand is a land which is blessed with natural grandeur at its best – picturesque locations, snowcapped mountains, lush green valleys, a cool climate and hospitable people. It is therefore a fact that Uttarakhand has immense tourism potential. Tourism has its benefits which Uttarakhand must cash on without getting affected by its shortcomings.

Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector in the industry today and there are many benefits.Following are the most important benefits which we can achieve through ecotourism.

  • It generates foreign exchange for the country and injects capital and new money into the local economy.
  • Stimulates profitable domestic industries, hotels and other lodging facilities, restaurants and food services, transportation system, handicrafts and guide services. Generates foreign employment, directly in the tourism sector and in resource management sectors.
  • Improves road system and infrastructure that contributes to the entire destination can be justified and supported by the benefits from the tourism development.
  • Increases tax revenues for state from tourism.
  • Natural Environment Benefits conservation strategies
  • Parks and natural preserves may be created and ecological preservation supported as a necessity for natural based tourism.
  • Increased awareness and concern for the environment can result from natural-based tourism activities and development.
  • Improved waste management can be achieved. Social Benefits
  • Enhances local community’s esteem and provides an opportunity for greater understanding and communication among peoples of diverse backgrounds.
  • The quality of life of a community can be enhanced by economic diversification through tourism. Cultural Benefits
  • Such activities can exchange local cultural awareness.
  • Sharing of cultural knowledge and experience can be beneficial for hosts and guests of tourism destinations and can result in the revival of local traditions and crafts.

Presented By:- Sandeep Dhyani
Department of Botany
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital

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