Global warming and greenhouse effect is being considered as a threat for living world. It has not only disturbed our day to-day life, but had disturbed our mind due to danger of increase in the sea level and also leads to the increase in temperature. A number of scientific men power are being working from times immoral to find out the solution for these challenges. The melt down of polar ice-caps is caused by global warming ending up with the floods in the coastal areas and thus leading to the extinction of several species by their drowning. The different phenomenon may surface if the ice meltdown stops, like increase in the size ratio of ice-caps which may be harmful in the advance age. The metals present in the earth can also get affected due to decrease in temperature as they can attain the critical temperature i.e. they will show the phenomenon of superconductivity which was first observed by Prof. K. Ones in 1911.

From all sides of world there seems a big issue of pollution due which the world is under tension. But the main cause of pollution is man by himself. The man so called human being doesn’t have any humanity, as humans consume and utilize all types of resources for their own benefit whatever they could derive from nature or by utilizing other species of the world. A man could go up to any extent for his own benefit. The man never thinks of the ill effects of the remained wastes after utilizing the natural resources. Also the man never thinks of the other species like bacteria, viruses, or other beings like plants, fungi and other animals. The man always destroys them, in the form of destroying their habitat; expel the resources from other species of the world which they utilize for the continuity of their life etc. While doing so in every year man comes across the discovery of new viruses and bacteria or other living beings which have ill effect on the human life, or simply they bring some diseases in the human community. Scientists always blame that they have discovered some new species of bacteria or viruses or other living beings, they are totally new, but in actual practice nothing is new in this universe, simply there is modification in the life style of organisms, or there is some type of resistance by a particular species against a particular environmental condition. As nothing could be new in this universe, because as per the law of thermodynamics, energy atom or any species can neither be generated nor destroyed but simply can be converted in one form or another. Also the species which get affected by the humans in one way or another, they simply modify themselves, and act towards humans in a different way and then show their ill behavior towards man, as it is only man who had trapped all types of resources from the concerned species which they were utilizing for continuity of their life.

But over all it could be concluded that God is great, as he balances all spheres of the life, by one way or another way. Also it could be mentioned that sometimes their occurs earthquakes, volcanoes, cyclones or drought etc, these all phenomenon in one way or another way makes the balance on the earth. The above mentioned drastic and harmful phenomenon happens when the pollution reaches at its extreme. Every act by a man leads to the some addition in the pollution and pollute the environment, as per the second law of thermodynamics, energy of the universe remains constant, but the entropy of the universe increase in every step of life, because every phenomenon by a man do consume some available energy there by making increment in the unavailable energy (Disorder/entropy). Humans cannot stop this mechanism of addition of entropy to the universe, because every act by a human leads to the inclinement in the pollution. So the man should be aware and ready to face the problems associated with these pollutants. One thing man can do to stop adding pollutants to the environment are simply to find alternatives which could do the job in place of substances which are harmful for the environment. Secondly find the mechanisms, instruments and the reactions which could combine with the pollutants and can convert the pollutants into useful products, with less ill effects towards the environment.

(Also at last: every problem had a solution, because problem is always man made, so man needs to find the solution, because nothing is immortal, unchangeable and pure expect God. )

By – Bilal Ahmad Mir
Department of Microbiology
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital

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