Importance Of Micro-Propagation

Biotechnology is the discipline which deals with the use of living organisms or their products. In this wide sense, also traditional Agriculture may be seen as a form of Biotechnology. Modern biotechnological techniques have rapidly expanded the horizons of plant Experimental breeding and crop improvement. Conventional Experimental breeding techniques rely on the random rearrangement of existing gene between two closely related parent plants. Now, genetic engineering has opened up new possibilities by allowing the transfer of individual known genes, even from completely unrelated organisms such as fungi or bacteria. In recent years, Biotechnology has developed rapidly as a practical means for accelerating success in Plants experimental breeding and improving economically important crops. The most important methods used to achieve these goals are: Mass propagation of scientific clones, Production of pathogens free plants, Clonal propagation of parental stock for hybrid seed production, Year round nursery production and Germplasm preservation. This paper reviews the importance of micro-propagation as a tool in biotechnology used for Experimental breeding, crop improvement and production.

Tissue culture is an aseptic laboratory procedure that requires unique facilities and special skills. The technique of tissue culture is the culture and maintenance of plant cells, organs or tissues in sterile nutritionally and environmentally supportive condition outside living system. In 1938 Schwann and Schleiden put forward the theory of „Totipotency‟ which states that cells are autonomic and in principle are capable of regenerating into a complete plant. This theory was the foundation of plant cell organ and tissue culture.

By – Assistant Professor – Bhupendra Nautiyal
Department of Agriculture
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