Implications Of Buddhism In Today’s World

Few decades back it was considered spiritualism and satsang (company of learned) were for the older people who don’t have much to do in their lives. Retired people old housewives need to go to chanting in the temples and talk about spiritualism.Our so called young generations guys do not have time for all these stuffs. But it is not true for this time. Now everyone talking about spiritualism and faith.If we talk about spiritualism and philosophy can’t proceed without the name of Gautama Buddha who at the young age in which he left his royal house and privileged life in search of enlightment.

Buddha’s real name was Prince Siddhartha born in a royal king’s family .He was just away from the sad and bad realities of life. He had been provided a life full of luxury and happiness .He was not allowed much to go out of the palace so that he may not see the real irony of life.

One day during his rare outing in the city prince just saw the disabled, hungry, ill people. Even he saw dead man and people crying over this. This made his heart weep. He was having notion of life always as beautiful satisfactory and safe, this made him to realize the truth and made him anxious. He decided to leave his royal life in search of reality of life. After his journey in forests and far places he saw a man meditating in the forest. This showed him path of enlightment, what peace and satisfaction, he is searching outside is within himself. He just spread knowledge, compassion and peace among people and attained enlightment.

Now in today’s context if we talk situation is same .One side we all had become so materialistic, don’t have time to even stop and help the person who met an accident on the road, on the other side people have been changing their perception of success .They are following the concept of Buddhism: helping those need their help. We hear about people leaving their high paid jobs going to remote areas to provide good education to children who are deprived of it. This is the Buddhism of today. Buddhism says attain wisdom, health and knowledge and utilize in the welfare of humanity andspread peace in the world.

It is not only individual effort it’s the every one effort which can change the world. In today’s stressful and violent time Buddhism followers are bringing the change in the world. Buddhism is not a religion it’s a faith that can change the world.

By – HOD – Deepti M. Sati
Department of Pharmacology
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Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital
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