New innovations in Radiology

New innovations in Radiology

With the discovery of X-rays, many imaging modalities are being used by the radio-technologists like X-ray, CT scan, and Ultrasound, MRI, Mammography and DEXA scan. The radiations are used for both diagnosis, and treatment. X-ray and CT scan uses ionizing radiations while ultrasound and MRI uses non-ionizing radiations. X-rays are considered to be unsafe for patients and technologists where as MRI and ultrasound uses non-ionizing radiation which is safe for pregnant patients. But the disadvantage is that MRI consumes lot of time to acquire the data and hence it is not used in case of emergency patients in whom the immediate findings are needed and treatment is given according to the patient.

Ultrasonography is considered to be the best imaging of gall bladder stones and abdomen regions. Many contrast studies are performed to see the organ functions and abnormalities. Mammography is the new imaging modalities to detect the breast cancer. With the advancement in technology, the cancer can be treated without removing the breast which is the best advantage of mammography. Radiotracers like FDG, studies are also performed to detect the tumor location and with the help of radiation therapy, it is further treated by high energy machines like linacs. There are some radiological procedures which are replaced by modern imaging modalities like IVU, abdominal study by CT scan and MRI. To transfer the patient data, tele radiology is used which is considered to be simplest and easy method for reporting. DICOM and PACS has been introduced in the hospitals to transfer the radiological images without using the x-ray film. The patient data is sent though the computers by PACS manager to other different departments.

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