Food Security &Rural Health

Food security is not only physical and economic access of minimum quantity of food for survival but includes nutritional aspect also. Food security is directly related to poverty and inequality productive resources. The rate of growth of population, economy, inflation, agricultural sector and development of human equally affect the overall quality life of rural people. The food security and nutritional security is not only a household phenomenon but this can be seen at the national and global level also in a comprehensive study by IFPRI, it has been seen at the national and global level too hunger and malnutrition persists in developing countries it was also estimated that out of 117 developing countries, 64 would be unable to feed their population adequately. As per the proper identification of poor as a target group suffering from malnutrition, food insecurity itself is the main problem in cost effective food management system. Moreover, food insecurity badly affects the women especially pregnant and lactating women, children and elderly people.

Hence, there are several issues related to food management but the main issues is how to ensure adequate nutritional food to everyone at affordable price often it is reported that food for poor people through public distribution system does not reach to them and also the quality of food products is very poor. Thus, it requires proper management and active participation of private sector also. The food management system should be redesigned and responsibility for procurement and distribution should be entrusted to local people at local level by their greater involvement. Hence, food security include nutritional security, require consideration of five aspect such as people, policy, protection productivity, permanency and partnership to improve the health of rural area people and to lower the rate of malnutrition

By – STUDENT – Ms. Divya Sharma
Department of M. Sc. Microbiology (IInd Sem)
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital

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