Fluoroscopic Procedures Replaced By Modern Imaging Modalities

In radiography, image are produced when the X-rays passes through the body, they get attenuated differentially by the different tissue, result in variation of the transmitted radiation the variation of the transmitted radiation is also known as primary radiological image. It is very essential to known about the eyes is insensitive to X-rays therefore the image is converted into visible image or fluorescent screen.

FLUROSCOPY – it is also called the dynamic imaging, where the radiologist gives the live image of the patient while the X-rays are on. It is a method that is used to obtain the radiological image in the fluorescent screen. It is used to obtain real time image of the internal structure of the patient. Fluoroscopy has wide variety of applications like digital subtraction angiography, endoscopic examination, and lithotripsy.
Fluoroscopic procedures replaced by modern imaging modalities because the significant development and the use of advanced imaging techniques in MRI and CT Scan have greatly reduced the frequency of fluoroscopic procedure examination performed by the technologist.

REPLACED TECHNIQUES – some technical studies they have become obsolete .they are TMJ (temporal-mandibular joint, sinogram, fistulogram, T-tube cholangiography, myelography.

MYELOGRAPHY – it is a procedure that is used to study the spinal cord, spinal canal and its nerve roots by the contrast media injection. This procedure needs a needle placement and needle insertion process for contrast injection. Injection process for the lumber puncture to inject the contrast media through the subarachnoid space .myelography is replaced by the MRI.

FISTULOGRAM AND SINOGRAM – it is a procedure to see the abnormal passage (fistula/sinus) between two or more organs, it is done by the injecting the contrast. They are replaced by CT sonogram and MRI fistulogram

ARTHROGRAPHY-it is study of synovial joint and related soft tissue structure by injecting the contrast media. This procedure also needs the needle insertion for the contrast medium injection. This is primarily replaced by the MRI TMJ.

By – Assistant Professor – Ms. Prachi Vishnoi
Department of Radiology
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